the essential guide to chinese american celebrations and culture
by rosemary gong

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Good Luck Life is the essential guide for understanding, planning, and observing Chinese
celebrations and traditions in a contemporary and easy way. If Good Luck Life weren’t
a book, it would be a group of cousins at a dim sum table sharing old family secrets
on how to make Chinese New Year’s cookies, what to buy a Chinese father-in-law on
his 80th birthday, and how to assure a child’s success on the first day of school.

Packed with practical information, Good Luck Life contains a
wealth of historical facts, legends, foods, old village recipes,
and quick planning tools for celebrating Chinese festivals
and life’s special milestones.

Written with wit and warmth, and beautifully designed as
an accessible cultural reference guide, Good Luck Life includes
tips on dining with confidence at a traditional Chinese table,
gift-giving Chinese-style, and "do and don’t” lists from wizened
Auntie Lao who recounts ancient Chinese beliefs and
superstitions. This is your map for celebrating a good luck life.

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